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CBCT technology is revolutionizing dental care by providing a more comprehensive view of the teeth and surrounding tissues. This technology can help dentists diagnose and treat problems more accurately and effectively.

Dental CBCT technology is also a powerful tool for dental implant procedures. CBCT scans provide dentists with detailed, three-dimensional images of the jaw and teeth, which can help to accurately plan the placement of implants. CBCT scans are especially useful for identifying potential problems before an implant procedure is even started. CBCT scans can also expose details that would otherwise be impossible to identify on traditional X-rays, such as bone density, facial nerve paths, and any other anomalies that may affect the success of the implant procedure.


Intra-oral scanners are the latest technology in dentistry. Intra-oral scanners provide a detailed digital representation of the shape, size and surface of the teeth and gums. This allows dentists to create custom fitting prostheses without having to rely on physical molds. Intra-oral scanners also provide a more comfortable patient experience as there are no uncomfortable impressions or trays to fit. Intra-oral scanners reduce the time needed for dental appointments

 Intra-oral scanners offer a fast and precise scan which helps create better fitting dental prostheses, leading to better patient outcomes. Intra-oral scanning technology is used in crowns, bridges, veneers and implants.


Patient’s health and safety is our top priority. Our practice is equiped with the most advanced dental instruments cleaning technology.

We follow the gold standard cleaning protocol:

At first, used instruments are cleaned by an ultrasonic cleaner and disinfectant. Ultrasonic cleaner produces high frequency sound waves which causes disinfecting solution to form millions of small cavitation vacuum bubbles. When the bubbles touch the contaminants on the instruments, the bubbles implode, which loosen and remove the contaminants.

Second, instruments are then sealed in specialized autoclave pouches. Each pouch has an indicator which ensures that autoclave works effectively and properly.

Third, the autoclave pouches containing instruments are heated to 270 degree Fahrenheit and dried subsequently by our advanced Midmark autoclave. This process kills all the living organisms on the instruments, such as bacteria and viruses.

Last, instruments are stored in clean and special drawers.


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