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Dental Crown

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Dental Crown

Sometimes a tooth can miss large part of its structure because of cavities, trauma and fracture. When root canal is needed to treat nerve problems, a tooth may become weakened and fragile. In order to restore the strength and esthetic of a structual weakened tooth, a dental crown, or cap, is made. Our lab technicians use the latest technologies and materials to fabricate porcelain crowns that are not only very strong but also very esthetic and natural. Our porcelain crowns look just like a nature tooth and people won’t even able to tell it is a crown!

The crown procedure will take two appointments. At the first appointment, our dentist gently prep your teeth and take impression of your teeth. At the same appointment, we make a temporary crown and fit on your tooth so that you will be able to function and look normal. Our dentist carefully chooses a color for your porcelain crown to ensure that it has the exact color as your other teeth.

Then the impression is sent to our technicians. They spend hours of craftwork to fabricate a custom porcelain crown for you.

At the second appointment, our dentist tries in the crown to ensure that the crown fits perfect on your tooth and make sure that you like the esthetics of the crown. Then we will cement the crown with permanent cement and you will be ready to impress your family and friends!

Benefits of dental crowns include:

– Improved function of the tooth

– Improved appearance of the tooth

– Protection of the tooth from further damage

If you are considering dental crowns, schedule a consultation with our office in Naperville IL. We will be happy to discuss all the options with you.

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