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Our dental chair is made up of ultra comfortable leather, which ensures your back and neck are comfortable throughout the appointments.

Each treatment room is equipped with two 4K TVs. One is on the wall and one is on the ceilings. Both TVs are connected to major movie streaming services. You can enjoy your favorite movie while you are getting dental treatments and feel more relax and comfortable during dental treatments.

We also offer noise canceling headphones and warm blankets.

Our vision is to provide a family and comfortable environment. Our office has modern and warm decorations, such as accent walls, modern lightings, accent chairs and leather sofa.

We want our patients to feel that they are at home and comfortable throughout their visits.

We offer nitrous oxide sedation. Nitrous oxide, also known as laughing gas, is a safe and effective form of sedation used for dental procedures. It is one of the most commonly used sedatives in dentistry and has been around for centuries. Nitrous oxide works by calming the patient thereby reducing pain and anxiety associated with dental procedures. It relaxes the patient while maintaining their ability to respond to verbal commands. The nitrous oxide is administered through a face mask and typically takes effect within minutes. During the procedure, nitrous oxide concentrations can be adjusted as needed to control anxiety levels while providing maximum comfort. After the nitrous oxide is removed, its effects wear off quickly with no lingering side effects. Nitrous oxide sedation is an excellent option for those who may be apprehensive about undergoing dental procedures. It provides a safe and effective way to reduce stress and anxiety while still allowing the patient to remain conscious throughout the procedure.


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